What should Twitch do about hot tub streams? || The Stanz Show #14 - Video

✨ THE STANZ SHOW #14 - April 30, 2021✨

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✍️ Synopsis:
In this episode, we talk about hot tub streams (again) and debrief my initial reaction to the Twitch Let's Chat response about TOS breaking streams. Then we talk about the naming rights for esports teams and NRG changing their name to The General NRG. Finally, we talk about Valorant listening into your voice comms to hear you make good calls and be nice to your team.

Welcome to The Stanz Show! For those who don't know, my name is Nathan Stanz. I used to work at esports organizations such as Curse, Team Liquid, and most recently was the General Manager of Gen.G Esports. This year I retired and am now a full-time content creator. I've worked many years in the industry with players, coaches, and companies in games like League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO, and more. I also used to run an esports podcast called Esportsmanlike Conduct with Atrioc. I'll always try to deliver all of the best news and updates related to esports and content creation culture in an entertaining way!

???? Other Resources:
Original VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1006457410
Reaction to Twitch Let's Chat: https://youtu.be/x55U4r2D1cc

????Time Stamps:
0:00 The Stanz Show #14
0:34 Hot Tub Streams (again)
13:15 The Stanz Show Presented by Ligma
20:49 You are being recorded!
24:13 Q&A: Could esports teams become TOs?
31:23 Q&A: Could we see large speedrunning events?

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